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Translate English to Vietnamese / Foreigners comment on Vietnamese singers’ English In 2010, some young Vietnamese singers tried to internationalize Vietnamese music by releasing albums in English. It is expected that this “wave” will continue in 2011.

One of the barriers for Vietnamese music to reach the world is language. Celine Dion chooses to mainly sing in English and her mother tongue – French – only for special records. Why? Because English is the global language. ABBA or Modern Talking became famous worldwide for their songs in English, not in their native language.

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In Vietnam, diva Hong Nhung was the first to translate four famous Vietnamese songs and perform them in her album “Lullaby for You” in 1999.

Ten years later, young singers produce albums with songs written already in English,. What do foreigners think about them? Two Americans, a Vietnamese music researcher Jason Gibbs and an English teacher in Vietnam Nick Ippel commented on Doan Trang’s The Unmake-up and Ha Anh Tuan’s Cock-tail on Sports and Culture newspaper.

Nick Ippel – English language teacher

I think Ha Anh Tuan’s Cock-tail is interesting. The bar/cocktail topic is quite open. He used many metaphors in the lyrics. He sings about things that happen in a bar and related things but there are implications in this album.
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I began my film marathon not knowing quite what to expect. What I found left me extremely, Translate English to Vietnamese, Translate English to Vietnamese, Vietnamese to english Vietnamese translator / Nguyen Tien Dat, 41, had been storing the timber and failed to show legal documents to prove the stockpile's origin.

In all the films I saw the production values are high, the writing is good and the acting is strong and believable (something I think is somewhat lacking in the Vietnamese TV dramas I have seen).

Over the course of the week I have enjoyed Tran Anh Hung's impressive Viet Nam-set trilogy, The Scent of Green Papaya (an exotic and beautifully shot story of childhood), Cyclo (a gritty but artistic depiction of Viet Nam's underworld) and The Vertical Ray of the Sun (a subtle family saga).

I followed this with Luu Huynh's The Girl in the White Silk Dress – one of the most expensive Vietnamese films ever made – which is a haunting and symbolic take on the role of women during French colonial rule, and Tony Bui's Three Seasons (co-starring Harvey Keitel), a thought-provoking look of Viet Nam as it modernises.

Finally I watched Charlie Nguyen's The Rebel – a film that action fans will undoubtedly enjoy – a martial arts epic (and rather revisionist take on the end of French colonialism) where the fight, Vietnam club hotel Vietnam club hotel, Vietnam restaurant design, Hanoi hotel, Prices of hotel rooms at popular holiday destinations rose sharply during the four-day holiday beginning last Saturday. easily rival any Hollywood release.

These films were all directed by oversea Vietnamese who received filmmaking training in America and Europe, and have been heavily influenced by the filmmaking styles of these regions. While I really enjoyed these films and appreciated their unique and interesting insights, I would like to be able to see more films made by Viet Nam-based filmmakers., Property management in Vietnam Property management in Vietnam, Real estate vietnam, Hochiminh real estate / The real situation of the real estate market in 2013 can be described by the 10 figures. have stories to tell as well, and need to find a voice.

Obviously, the movie industry is a largely money-oriented business all across the world. It is clear that the international market for Vietnamese produced films is very small. There is probably little financial incentive for time and money to be spent inserting English subtitles and spending advertising money to attract a more international audience for these releases.

However, as a way of making Vietnamese culture that little bit more accessible, I think it would be a worthwhile endeavour, and would attract a small but dedicated audience.

Foreign language films are growing in popularity, and while many lazy viewers still get put off by subtitles and would rather wait for an English language remake (where what made the original so special is almost always lost in translation), there are still plenty left who embrace the chance to enjoy them.

I am sure that these films can tell a lot about Viet Nam's past, present and future. Cinema has the power to transcend cultural barriers and share stories, and it is a shame that currently it is difficult for interested foreigners to enjoy these films due to a simple lack of subtitles.

So, while I will always be excited by a new Bond film and will continue to enjoy new Hollywood blockbusters while I am here, it would be nice every so often to go to the cinema for something with a little more local flavour.

Famed wartime diary gets Russian translation

– The Russian version of the 2005 best-selling war book Dang Thuy Tram's Diary will be presented to public in Ha Noi on Tuesday.

War and peace: The Russian version of Dang Thuy Tram's Diary.

Publication of the book has been done to mark the official Day for Martyrs and War Invalids the following Friday.

The diary was translated into Russian by a group of leading Vietnamese and Russian experts.

The book is the first significant Vietnamese literature to be translated into Russian since 1991.

The Russian version is expected to be a bridge reuniting Russian readers with Vietnamese literature.

Penned by the North Vietnamese woman doctor Dang Thuy Tram in the 1960s while working in a field hospital in central Quang Ngai Province, the diary reveals the doctor's emotional tumult and personal aspirations.

She was killed by US troops in June 1970 at the age of 27.

The diary was found and preserved by an American soldier, Fred Whitehurst, 35 years before he donated it to the Viet Nam Centre and Archive at Texas Tech University.

The diary was returned to her family in 2005 thanks to the aid of American war veteran Tom Engelmann and American writer Lady Borton.

In the same year, thousands of copies of the diary were published in Viet Nam, becoming a literary phenomenon.

The diary also reveals the doctor's optimism and belief in the country's peaceful and bright future.

So far, the diary has been translated into 18 languages. A movie adapted from the diary won the Viet Nam Cinematography Association's Golden Kite Award.

Translation centre to promote nation's literature

– The Viet Nam Writers' Association will launch a translation centre next month to help promote Vietnamese literature abroad, according to the association's chairman Huu Thinh.

Reaching out: Dang Thuy Tram's